Privacy Policy

Xomorod Corporation Privacy Policy

Based on the agreement of the site, "Xomorod" is committed to what be called "Privacy Policy" is considered respect.

Commitments and policies of "Xomorod" include is:

We are never without your permission, will do not to disclose your private and personal informations, unless under a legal warrant existing for this work.

What information do we collect?

Visit any website with the user, specific information is automatically be collected from him. Site Xomorod is not exempt from this issue and we have access to the following:

1. Information about your computer's IP address (IP Address is based on the numbers automatically when you login to the Web, online service provider by the contract will be assigned to you.)

2. Source Site URL through which you enter our site. Such as Google, Yahoo or any other website.

3. Your entry time and elapsed visiting time of "Xomorod".

4. The name and version of your computer operating system and Internet browser. For example, Windows 10 / Google Chrome. This information is transmitted to us automatically by your computer or any other website.

5. The pages of the site which you see them.

We use IP addresses to analyze statistical reports, manage the site, track users and collect statistical informations.

IP addresses are not related in any way with your private informations.

Information on what pages you've watched a few times and so on. This is the information that we collect.

"Xomorod", the informations will review to determine the tastes of viewers and improve the quality of the website. These statistics, which helps to make the "Xomorod" systems to work more functional.

For example, use the browser information for this purpose that we can design "Xomorod" website able to view correctly for more people.

"Xomorod" to assure you that the stored information is not other than those mentioned above. Unless other information you provide us with your personal willingness . For example, fill the registration form which contains information about the name, age, email address, and so on.


"Cookies" are small text files that are stored on your computer by your host sites. In fact communication between the server and your computer files are considered absolutely safe for your computer security.

Accourding to web programming language features, if you disable this option in your browser, access to some services of "Xomorod" will be denied.


"Xomorod", doing all precautionary measures to protect user sensitive data, whether online or offline.

If the form "registration / order our services," asks users to enter sensitive information (such as credit card number or national security code) , this information with the best encryption software (SSL) will be protected.

In the secure pages, such as the form "Request for Services" image "lock" at the top of your web browser will see.

In addition, "Xomorod" will do everything in its power to to protect user data in offline mode as well.

Polls and contests

"Xomorod" is sometimes requests information from users, for surveys or contests.

Participation in this polls or contests is voluntary. This information to increase customer satisfaction and their satisfaction in surveys and is used to contact the winner in the tournament.


If users would like to receive our newsletter, we urge him to give us contact information such as your name and email.


"Xomorod", is "linked" to other sites.

We are not have any responsibility for the "Privacy" of Linked Sites . We encourage users to read the "Privacy" of those sites.

When you click on the link of the others on the our site and go to them sites, your some information will be posted to them. In this case, Xomorod does not have any control over the information in front of them and is not responsive.

If you have any protest to our site links, you can let us know. Be sure that your email address is protected to us and we do not will disclose it without your permission (except by law).

We are shared this information with who?

We will not disclose any of users personal information or pass them to someone or other third parties unless we are required by law.

"Xomorod" has three parts: "The statistics collected about users, site traffic and information related to the site." We will use your personal characteristics, just to respond to you and to prepare statistical reports for a better understanding of users.

We create Log File and Database from the our users information for analyze how they used the system during each month.

In this way we can improve and have a better understanding of our site contents that "Xomorod" offers.

This information is not includes the user's personal attributes.

Once again we are reminded that, no one will not give your personal and private information to any third parties, unless with the yourself permission or that forced to do this by law.

Changes in the site policies

May "Xomorod" sometimes change or improve their business strategies. We suggest to you, that every some times you read this page to be known possible alterations of our policies.

If you have questions about the rules and policies of the "Xomorod", you can share it with us.